2004 Lexus RX 330

  • 2004 Lexus RX 330

    Lexus RX 330
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    • code p0037 bank 1 sensor 2 oxygen sensor heater bank 2 sensor 1 aiir fuel ratio sensor not working
    • pressure test cooling system and found aluminum radiator leaking and engine block plate leaking
    • OXYGEN SENSOR – Remove & Replace – FWD Downstream,Right Side and upstream left side aiir fuel ratio sensor
    • Drain & refill engine oil using synthetic oil Replace oil filter Inspect exhaust system Inspect air & fuel filters replace as needed (add. charge may apply) Inspect tire condition,rotate & inflate to manufacturer specs. listed on vehicle FRONT__35_PSI REAR__35_ SPARE____ Inspect brake system approximate wear remaining on brakes FRONT__8__ REAR_new___E-BRAKE_____ Inspect belts & hoses Inspect transmission fluid level & condition of fluid Inspect coolant level & condition Inspect steering, suspension Inspect wipers blades, fluid level & replace as needed Inspect all lights Inspect all fluid levels & fill as needed Lube chasis Check for manufacturer recommended services & advise customer RESET MAINTENANCE LIGHT
    • includes replacing upper and lower radiator hoses
    • Machine rotors
    • Replace rear brake linings. Inspect condition and thickness of rear brake disc rotors. Retract rear brake caliper actuators. Clean and lubricate rear brake caliper slide mechanism. Adjust parking brake. Road test vehicle.
    • smog check
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